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¬ News & Announcements 22 November, 2015



Our Big Bro team is in need of new members. Active members in game who can help our players to lvl and guide newbies with the game. All you have to do is to apply for BigBro team. Help our players and we will be grateful with you!


NGU being a former moderator, came back to his former team to offer his service once more while doing GFX at the same time. Moderator Team is currently looking for aspiring future Moderators. We are now accepting applications, to apply click on the forms tab on forums and choose Forum Responder Application.


Game Masters started coming up from every corners of the world. First week of the month, 2 new Test Game Masters were hired from the middle east; TGMs Adieux and Benjaxyz, from Korea : TGM chuwayo and from the Philippines, TGM Zyquix. Two weeks after, GMs Tyche and Adieux gave up their positions as Game Masters to give way with their personal lives. On the other hand, hypest GM, HYPE re-applied as a Game Master to render his server once more. Welcome back, sir HYPE!


For being so active and brilliant with GFX works, Chenelle bagged the title GFX of the month of September, once again. Congrats! Join SOTW events and give signature gifts to your friends in forum. You can also help GFX team granting requests in GFX request zone. For those interested in doing GFX stuffs, do not hesitate to apply :) 


Quibbler team is open for applicants. If you are interested in doing GMU paperwork and interviews, this job suits you. You just need to submit a GMU related article with a minimum of 200 words together with your contact details. Please like our official facebook page atwww.facebook.com/quibblers. Happy reading!


The Halloween Specials

Since it's Halloween, and "fright nights" are happening everywhere around the world, fun filled "thrillers" have been presented to the players. Trick or Treating (in-game style) where GMs acts as the houses that the players would visit for a piece of candy, or how about the Hunt and kill the Pumpkin Head? Y'know, the guy who has a pumpkin for a head?(obviously XD) that one. Game Masters used to turn me into one(coz i beg for it, hahaha!) when i go in-game. I love that look! It's like buying a T-shirt. This one, i always pick.

There's something about Halloween and Halloween Events that people are buying, like these events. Trick or Treatin in real life are better if you ask me, chocolates are to die for! but people have their own choices and gamers always, and i mean ALWAYS go for virtual items. Who wouldn't? Cash points could get you a good item. VIP points can be converted into cash points, and could get you a good item. And you know what else could give you VIP points? VOTING :D

Congratulations to the winners!


When i was starting to play GrudgeMU, i struggled a lot. I usually go to internet shop and give myself 4- 6hrs leveling and pk'ing. And then there's one time, i met a kid named Raymond, he always stay at my back looking and watching me play GrudgeMU. Almost everyday i can see him at my back watching and every time i go to the computer shop, he's always waiting for me outside the door and follow me until i sit down. And then 1 day out of curiosity i talked to him and asked.."how come you are always waiting for me and always watched me at my back when there are many players here playing GrudgeMU?",..he smiled and he answered me, "'Coz you do have a strong character and you have good items.." I smiled. "OH i see", i said..and then i teached him to play GrudgeMU until he always stay beside me and play together.. i even helped him level up...but the thing is he always play with me when there are no players in the shop anymore...

Then 1 day on the way to the computer shop, i didn't see him in front of the door like the usual time i always go there. I looked inside the shop and he is not there also. That made me realize that maybe, i should not play today and wait for him till night so that we can play together, and i won't be wasting my money... also so i can help him level up as we usually do.. But when the night came, there's no Raymond arrived. A kid approached me and asked.."are you waiting for Raymond? and i answered with a smile "YES" i said..and he looked down and said, "Raymond is gone after you played last night"..and then i am so SHOCK that i can't even speak at all...

Few days have passed and i did not play Grudge for me to respect him that he is gone and reminiscing our time that we play...

After 2 weeks, i came to the same computer shop sat down on the same computer he usually play and as i open my account "MY GEAR IS GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and all my characters are deleted!! 

and when i made a new account i saw the account of RAYMOND using my GEAR!!!



It has been ages since i was able to attend CS, i say attend like really participate on the said event. What i do these days, being a Quibbler and the "media man" of the game, is roam around the valley, watch players kill each other, look at them call each other names.. (laugh, if i could no longer stand it) LOL. And i could say, UNLIKEUS really made an impact to siege goers as they have just set a new record for being the castle owners for 5 straight weeks! Yes!, five. Not to mention the "after-event PKs" they bring every Saturday night. Players love taking down pro players, i don't know.. there's something with them that we all love to see them kiss the ground. Admit it, you laughed.

For the first week, who would have thought this new guild would dominate the event just like the old, strong guilds? Nobody. I have heard lots of complaints about them of course. No one would just accept new changes just like that. Who are these people? Why so strong? Questions none of us could answer. Whoever they are, one thing's for sure, they are the new star of the game today.

Congratulations! UNLIKEUS.

Featured Staff: GM-S Rkayen

Being a GM specialist is probably one of the hardest job in the admin team, and our dear Arkyen deals with it like a breeze. Finding every bugs, discovering every glitch and testing every skill is just part of his daily duties. Just like everybody else, we're also excited to experience season 8 and I'm sure Rkayen is too, with much more new glitch and bugs to encounter. Our game will not be as great as it is without guys like him. So lets give it up for our beloved GM specialist, Rkayen!

Let's start with some of your personal things. 

Quibbler Z: Can you tell us your name and your age? 

Rkayen: Hi, I am Mark, Not too young but Not too Old. 

Quibbler Z: What do you usually do when you're not online?

Rkayen: Work, Spending quality time with my family.

Quibbler Z: How did you find your job as a GM Specialist?

Rkayen: It is a hard job as we stand as the Police officers of the game. Being required to work under cover all the time, catching criminals isn't easy even in real life. 

Quibbler Z: How do you handle 3rd party program cases if for example, one of your friends got involved? 

Rkayen: If they took too much advantage of it and got caught, i'll do the same process like they are normal player, its their fault anyways.

Quibbler Z: What's your personal opinion about cheaters? Do players really need to use cheats in order to win?

Rkayen: We can't get rid of this, every game has cheats and somebody is always going to use this and yes Cheats can make you strong but only TEMPORARILY cause you are done once you got caught. 

Players don't need to use this, but there's always someone who can't accept if they lose or don't get contented what they have and don't know their limits. 

Quibbler Z: What motivates you to work hard and put a lot of effort on the team?

Rkayen: work hard to observe players and by thinking of giving them a Fair gameplay motivates me. 

Quibbler Z: Any message to the GMU players and the forum community?

Rkayen: Shout out to HalevyYFlasHSodeSuNeBENCHMichiSNAPNEYEN and all UNLIKEUS Members and Allies. And to all 3pp users, watch out.

Featured Player: x4KINGDOM4x

I was deeply shocked and electrified with the facts i gathered up in-game about our player of the month. "This guy is probably one of the most boastful and OP guys in the market today". Most people hate his guts to the brim and does not understand his ways. Although, with all the negative thing that's roaming around about this player. Little did everybody knows that he's also one of the person who helps in keeping the GMU community alive by being a donator, and not just any other, he's also GrudgeMU Finest at that. His puns and attitude also keeps the forum alive, spicy and hot. Though not everyone is loving his "styles", i think, underneath that boastful shell is a warm heart, so without further ado, here's 4kingdom!

Quibbler Z: How long have you been a GrudgeMU player?

x4KINGDOMx: I started playing Gmu since it was born.

Quibbler Z: What was your first impression when you started playing the game?

x4KINGDOMx: My first impression about this game when i started at the age of 14 is its good, there were lots of players doing lvling and pk that time especially in ARENA.
"ARENA" was that best map that time, and this game was always on top of the ranking. 

Quibbler Z: What character are you using and did you come up with its name?

x4KINGDOMx: Actually my main char is BK before the name's of my bk are -ANTRAXZ- AND /\V|RA those our my first bks in season 1, i really miss those bk before. Then i created new ones with special char also many to mention char so i will not mention them now. Let's start with my main now why did i choose 4KINGDOM?, (Names on my SM BK DL) Actually, i was a member of MU Philippines server
WIGGLE, and we have a guild name 4KINGDOM which we are the ones who build that guild. So i came up the name and use it here in Gmu. It's a very unique name if you ask me.

Quibbler Z: How do you balance your time in-game and real life?

x4KINGDOMx: Well, not like before, when i am still in the Philippines i play like 24 hours a day usually, i miss it.. cause when i came to Canada, i only play a day for minimum of 8 hours max 
because i got some work to do. When i get home from work, i usually need to check accounts and some items .. i always do random checking items every week so there will be no problem. It;s my passion to check items because there are some random bugs and i don't like that.

Quibbler Z: In what aspect do think made you unique among other players?
x4KINGDOMx : If you're gonna ask me i began to be unique and create a name here in gmu season 3 - 4, back when the market was very good and alive and there were lots of players who always ask me some questions on market. I could say that i control the market price before. It was me and Slasher battling the market that time. We are like positive and negative traits in market, i am just opening some players' eyes when it comes to market. I teach them how to earn more items in GMU

Quibbler Z: What made you choose Grudge MU among other private servers?

x4KINGDOMx: I just accidentally played this game in computer shop at the age of 14. They asked me if i play MU and, so i tried this game and unfortunately i become addicted
years and more years and i chose this game because " IN EVERY GAME THERE IS ONLY 1 GAME 

Quibbler Z: Any message to our fellow players and friends?
x4KINGDOMx: To the NEW players here in GMU, keep up the good work guys i know you will have tons of tons of items here in GMU just trust your will and your items, like me before i started at dk +13 dsr only. No one care about me before because i am noob and like a persistent player in Gmu, years later there are some solutions that you can be rich in this game and that's donation. 

KIDS pls you know you can't beat me up when it comes to market 
and we will always be a friend in personal life. I know there are some players i already met
in GEB, i already knew them, good luck to all of us. I hope Gmu stands more and more
season because of you guys who are playing Gmu for lots of decades. There will be no Gmu without you, let's all keep on supporting our home server.

Hello Grudgers! Our monthly event is now WORD SEARCH. The mechanics of the event are as follows:
1. You need to Private Message me your Entry with a title "Quibbler Event _ Forum name."
2. It must follow a format following
Forum Name:
Edited Image: With words enricled with red color.
3. Make sure to put your forum name upper right to avoid ripping of answers.
4. Everyone are allowed to join.
5. Minimum of 50 post counts to join
6. No spamming. Once it is submitted it is enough already.
7. No copying of entries and if found you will be DQ.
8. The first one to Private Message me the write answer will be considered the winner.
9. Failure to follow the rules above mention is equal to DQ.

Event prize: 200 credit points


¬ News & Announcements 1 November, 2015