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2015 has been a great year. I'd personally claim it was indeed, an awesome year. Statistically speaking, our server has increased it's population gradually, especially when we updated to a new Season, which is season 8. The administration hosted nearly a hundred Big events this year. Seventy six major events were held in-game. Two of which were hosted with the use of the Social Media (FB Likes and Sharing Event of February and November). One using the very well known "Networking scheme" (GMU Networking of September), and another which was hosted by the Elite group, GMU LEGENDS. Siege goers enjoyed 150 cash points each winnings. Castle Siege has never been so exciting! The events hosted were about 99% successful and have given away thousands of cash points, FO items, credits and VIP points.

The year 2015 had something for everyone. A lot of good things had happened, but?,?I won't sugarcoat it?, ?some pretty shitty things happened, too. We've had so many impersonation cases that caused seniors some sleepless nights taking turns watching in-game for impersonators. The administration, headed by Nocturnal, the rightful server owner, along with his sidekick and certified GMU loyalist since season 2, HGM Hestia, had hired 26 Test Game Masters, re-hired 3 old GMs, including HYPE and TEKTONICZ. The seniors also have grown a few branches and welcomed 2 new members, the real life couple Yoshio and Lidewij who were undeniably active and loyal to the game. The forum community hired 6 old Moderators (those that come and go), including Shandy, WHAT and demigod^^. 2 GFXs, including MAICA and shoxie. BigBro's and Quibblers also welcomed and released a couple of old members who were too busy to perform their virtual jobs and came back when they had another chance.

The year also opened two new in-game services; FO for Resets and Resets Exchange, both became very successful and had been the talk of all our in-game towns for weeks since it opened. Aside from services, HGM Hestia added two new Departments which handled mostly in-game matters, the GM Specialists Department, headed by WasteD and the BigBro's expansion department named "Game Guides" which was personally suggested by HGM Yoshio and had Rackham its first ever Game Guide who then resigned to give way to his real life job. The GM Specialists then added 4 more members after a few months, one sadly, was retracted by Nocturnal for some personal issues. All for the good of the server.

As we stumble our way into another year, we have a huge pile of memories from this past year with all of the splendid times we had with our virtual families and friends and the great progress the server has made. 2015 was definitely, our year! Welcome 2016! We're ready!

Its been a very busy month for all of us. We spent time for our families, hang out with our friends. but we still managed to play castle siege. These past Castle Siege was so good. HIDEOUT and UNLIKEUS had a good fight . HIDEOUT took the Castle Siege from UNLIKEUS, but UNLIKEUS took it back from them. Last week of December was the climax of this month's Castle Siege. Each team didnt hold the castle for too long. Each team has to seal every 10minutes, but UNLIKEUS managed to seal the last one and hold it till the end. Everyone are excited to play the first CS of 2016, a lot players played and the first CS holders of 2016 is UNLIKEUS! You guys are so lucky to start the year with a nice win. CONGRATS! and for HIDEOUT don't lose hope, you will have your chance if you keep trying. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

In honor of Father Christmas
Featured Player and Staff at the same time; 
(Our event Master every December)

Do you believe in Santa Claus? most kids do. Santa Claus is globally considered as a Christmas symbol. Millions of children wait for each Christmas Eve for this fat guy with a white beard who distributes massive amount of presents(not to the naughty ones) every Christmas. Who really is Santa Claus? According to the internet, the man we know as Santa Claus has a history all his own. Today, he is thought of mainly as the jolly man in red, but his story stretches all the way back to the 3rd century. If you wanna know what happened back then, open your browser and ask our very helpful bff, google. Now, in-gamewise, our very own SantaClaus has been spreading joys every Christmas season in-game with our favorite Santa Invasion event. The event first took place in 2007. SantaClaus roams around every map, gives away items in exchange of finding him or answering a question given. He sometimes hides on random maps, do an item-hunt ~ give out a mind boggling riddle or surprise players with an instant gift. We don't have houses in-game, but if we do, if only we do, he might have dropped them gifts into our chimneys! Merry GMU-Christmas!

Here are the winners of the recently concluded Poster Making Contest and their Entries. 

* First prize - DKBurning
1 T2 Evil gear of choice [set, wing, accessories and pair weapon]

* Second prize - brusko

FO season 4 gear of choice LVL 5 SO [set, wing, accessories and pair weapon]

* Third prize - RenzYeah

FO season 4 set / Tier2 Excellent set FO of choice + 80 Cash points + FT HRS

* Non winner's consolation prize - shangkaka

Gold pet + 50 Cash points + FT HRS


The GrudgeMUtizens in action.


Hello Grudgers! Our monthly event is now WORD SEARCH. The mechanics of the event are as follows:

1. You need to Private Message me your Entry with the title "Quibbler Event _ Forum name."

2. Following the format below:

Forum Name:
Link of Entry/Edited Image: With words encircled with red color.

3. Make sure to put your forum name at the upper right to avoid ripping of answers.
4. Everyone is allowed to join.
5. You need a minimum of 50 post counts to join.
6. No spamming. Once it is submitted it is considered final.
7. Copying of entries will result to disqualification.
8. The first one to Private Message me the write answer will be considered the winner.
9. Failure to follow the rules above will result to disqualification.

Happy new year!
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