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Your journey into MU starts here!
GrudgeMU April Activities
¬ News & Announcements 3 April, 2014
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Event Title: Grudge Mu Graduation Event
Type of Event: NON-PK Event/PK event
Prize: 30 cash point/20 cash point / 10 cash point

Event Title: Whats in the Box Event
Type of Event: NON-PK Event
10 Cash Points for the Players get 20pts above
50 Cash Points for the Player who got the Highest Score

Event Title: GMU Examination Event
Type of Event: NON-PK Event
Prize: Players Pass the Exam : 10 Cash Point
Players PERFECT the Exam : 30 Cash Point

Event Title: Grudge Mu Gladiator 2
Type of Event: PK Event
Prize: 30 Cp each class

The Voice of GrudgeMU
¬ News & Announcements 15 March, 2014
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GrudgeMU February Articles
¬ News & Announcements 8 March, 2014
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We proudly present you The Quibbler February Edition.

I was so moved with the movie i once accidentally watched online last night, which finally put an end to my days-long writer's block. LOL. The movie was about a writer who fell in love with his OS (Operating System). You might have to google about it once i ended this article. It was so "heart-achingly" beautiful film and i needed to watch it twice just to take everything in internally! (Sounds nerdy but, yeah) I never cry about stuff i see in the films, okay fine, i do, sometimes. Last night, i did, again.

So the plot moves around the actor's need for sociability and love(he has been lonely and undergoing divorce) and showed a lot about people's dependency on technology.

We at our age are so much into computers. Technology rises. New things get invented every millisecond. We could never really tell what's next. An AI(Artificial Intelligence) for example, is on the verge of it's existence. I cannot help but think about how things will be if we are on the actor's shoe. We need love, companion and friends.. We all find our virtual lives very life-like and we all forget about it's true nature that we forget we have our REAL lives to tend to. We should set our priorities first because it's either you go first(die) or the virtual life. What will happen if our virtual life dies or left us in the end? What happens to the program if none of it's avid users are left? And even if both of you were immortals and can live forever.. what happens if one of you get's tired of doing the same thing over and over again for eternity? In the end, someone's always gonna be left behind.

GrudgeMU proudly presents The Voice - GrudgeMU Edition! As long as you can sing and believe that you have what it takes to be the champion of the first ever The Voice here in our server this is the moment you have waiting for! There will be 5 stages - Registration, Audition, Elimination, Semi Finals, and Finals. Big prizes are to be given! The champion will receive Full Options Package Gear, 300 Cash Points and The Voice of GrudgeMU Tag. The first runner up will receive 200 Cash Points. The second runner up will receive 100 Cash Points. Semi Finals Top 3 will receive FO item each. Elimination Final 6 will receive 500 Credit Points each. The 12 registrants will receive 10 winning stars. Big prizes awaits you! Registration is still open and extended until the event reaches 12 participants.

We are all aware that each character class in GrudgeMU have many skills yet we got stuck using few of them. No matter how gorgeous and beautiful other skills are, we will avoid using them in duels and pks. Why? The answer is simply because it can't kill.

Administrator Nocturnal made an announcement about the changes and upgrades of character skills. Also the Fenrir's Plasma Storm damage was significantly increased and this made everyone very happy.

TGMs namely Aisley, CLefairy and Blazzer were removed because of poor activity. TGM Heidegger and LeuneJ resigned to focus more on their personal lives. Another TGM named MrDivine was removed in the team because of inactivity. New TGMs were hired, Torb and Deimon. Congratulations! Hope you won't fail our expectations. HGM Pyorre is back! One of the most influential and kind HGM ever. TGM MyinyinR and MrIceR were promoted as Full Game Masters (FGM). Congratulations! FGM LykaN was removed because of inactivity while MrBanana was back in the team. Another new TGM named Emeritus was hired. We usually see him in server 3 hosting PK events. Our beautiful FGM Akemi resigned for personal reasons. New TGM LamboSan was hired in the team. We'll count on you good luck. MrBanana was removed from the team due to inactivity. He had been one of the active GMs before. Perhaps he needed to attend to something important. FGM DAGITAB was awarded as GM of the month. Congratulations for the job well done. FGM Sesha came back to the team and was welcomed warmly.

Jiggy stepped down from his position as moderator and the day after, NGU came back as forum responder and after four days he was promoted to moderator. Authority resigned from being forum responder to attend on his real life conflicts. Thank you for your services and time. On the other hand, BmLegend was removed from being forum responder because he lacks activity. Thank you and good luck. Xbengertzz resigned from moderator team. Good luck buddy. basty666 was added to Moderator team and he will help in maintaining our threads clean and friendly.

BISYUKANEH is back on the GFX team. He is really good at signatures believe me.

Big Brother saesky and Snoopie were removed because of inactivity. It was a sad thing but worry no more because they had new replacements as Big Brother Mr.Black, egieBk and ronaldcruz were hired after.

Quibbler Team releases monthly newspaper at the end of each month. You will see it posted on GrudgeMU?s Newspaper Section and on our main site (www.grudgemu.com) Like our official facebook page (www.facebook.com/quibblers) We accept comments/suggestions/feedback. Feel free to post them on Quibbler Freedom Section. For literary work submissions and further questions you may contact the following: SeXyKIKZ, Zycotec and AfterShock.

All teams are open for application. If you think you have what it takes to be part of one of the teams aforementioned, don't waste this opportunity.

February passed GrudgeMU days so fast leaving behind great victories of prominent guilds in our history. These great guilds were NEWBORN, HIDEOUT and KICKASS.

On the first and second week of February, NEWBORN warriors were really very tough and strong and it led to their triumph. On the third week, the prominent guilds were present. This time KICKASS fighters were very strategic and tough. They won the siege. Fourth week was somehow different. We expect 2 consecutive wins from each guild but no. HIDEOUT guild never dies as they say. They were able to conquer the castle until present.

Castle Siege is a weekly event. This event is conducted not only to know who's stronger than the other but it also promotes camaraderie among players, sportsmanship among foes and acceptance for everybody. It does not matter whether you win or lose the fight, what's important is that you did your best and played fair.

Congratulations to our February Castle Siege winners!

Home of the Lords

Our very own Administrator Nocturnal surprised us with the guild house update. The guild house is located at Devias. You'll see flags of the current castle lords surrounding the place. What's great is that this exclusive place is only for Castle lords! This is great news. I'm sure the next sieges will be more and more exciting and tougher than ever. Wanted to visit this exclusive place? It's easy just win.

Automated Special Events particularly Dungeon Race is now punishable. Abuse in such a way when one kills another to gain the advantage of winning considering that the killer?s guild is not hostile to the other. Although we are free people in the community, we should follow rules for our server to be in harmony. Rules are everywhere and they are made so everything would be fair.

Under GrudgeMU Server Rules on special events, players caught doing these acts will be given sanction and reprimanded for the following reasons:

a) PK Attempt or killed twice or more during the event started to any PK Server
b) On and Off /vipnopk command abuse during the event started
c) PK Killed Vanert (V) vs Duprian (D) twice or more during the event started

1st Offense: 2 Days Character Ban
2nd Offense: 5 Days Character Ban
3rd Offense: 30 Days Character Ban


Last Man Standing (Weekly Event)

Another great event! Last Man Standing is now held weekly! Registration costs 3 black pets. Shocked? No worries the prize is 100 CASH POINTS!! Blade Knights will surely invade the cage for this event. Kill or get killed? Don't waste your black pets for nothing. Give it your best shot and win!

Happy Reading! Made possible by AfterShock, Zycotec and me.
*February is a month full of love and heartbreaks. Many couples date while others leave their dates.

October News
¬ News & Announcements 11 November, 2013
October News

Admins officially announced that GrudgeMU will update to ex700 anytime soon. Admin Nocturnal and Admin mozzey asked the players to hold their horses and be patient. They want to make sure that GMU ex700 is 110% better than Ep6 that is why Admins test every part of the update since this will bring huge changes.

Admin Nocturnal and Admin mozzey also gave hints on some major changes
and what to expect on ex700 update.

1. Entirely New System
Elemental System
-Elemental system is a new system which can make users get over the gap
between high level users and low level users through opposite elements.

Elemental relationships
-A character is given one of the elements among fire, water, wind, earth and
darkness depending on which pentagram item is equipped.

Pentagram Item Slot
Types: Manuscript of Murren and Scroll of Etramu

Errtel (for upgrading Pentagram Items)

2. Introduction of new 400 Level Socket Weapons

Horn of Steel
Cyclone Sword
Blast Break and more

3. Introduction of new 400 Level Socket Armors and Shields

Succubus set
Valhalla set
Cerverus set
Erinys set
Shiva set
Arch Demon set
Light Lord set
Magic Knight set and more!

Lazy Wind Shield
Light Lord Shield
Dark Devil Shield
Ambition Shield
Magic Knight Shield and more!

GrudgeMU's Most Loved Events

More and more unique events have been happening on GMU Land nowadays, thanks to the hard-working seniors and GM Team. One good addition to the list is the well-participated Top GM Killer Event wherein the players can actually murder a GM roaming around the whole map to win a glorious prize! But beware 1 hitters, anyone caught cheating during the event period will sure be apprehended.

Top GM Killer for October is no other than kiko24 who got 42 points.

Another good thing is, the normally held Top BK has been divided to 3 categories; (1) The Hegaton Category, where players can use E.Hega to duel, (2) The S4 Category where players can use S4 sets to duel, and (3) The Evic Category, where players can use their Evics to duel. If you have the 3 sets for each category, then that gives you all 3 chances to participate!

Congratulations to GrudgeMU Top BKs!
TOP BK (Hegaton Categories )
1. =Santino
2. LaSsErB0y
5. Nameless09
8. Time2Die

TOP BK ( S4 Categories )

TOP BK ( Evic Categories )

Server Announcements

10-08-2013 For new players applying for Transfer Program, they are required to add referrers. All you gotta do is try to invite new people to come and play with us here in GrudgeMU. Same
application format but with addition of "Referrer:". If you get referred 3 times or more by three different people or more, you will then receive a special prize from us! Until then, spread the word and happy gaming! Dont forget to vote every 12 hours!

10-20-2013 Hello,
Server hardware has been successfully upgraded yesterday and server is running back online. We are also preparing for ex700 update and we will post more info soon! Be ready for Pentagram Elemental System :P Cheers!

10-27-2013 Good Day Grudgers!
Starting today Admin Team will never entertain any report cases related to your own recklessness (ex. sharing of accounts, pilots and Impersonation) we will Immediately close the case if it's due to your own negligence.
Secure your account before its to late we have
Account Lock System and Account Recovery System on our main site use this for your Security,and please Follow our Golden Rules: DTA (Don`t Trust Anyone) and YAYR ( Your Account Your Responsibility)
Thank you and play safe.

10-24-2013 Hello,
We have added new currency VIP Points. These points will be used for buying special services and items just like 30 days VIP Service in game, CRT, Special items and many more! Right now we have activated it for buying VIP Days and we will be adding more services and special items exchange for VIP Points Stay tuned for more good news! Cheers!

Special Services for FREE!

Do you know that you can you avail free special services even though you are not a donator nor a VIP? From free resets and credit points, now we have FREE VIP POINTS! These VIP points are rewards that we get from voting. These points will be used for buying special services and items such as 30 days VIP service in-game, Character Reset Transfer, special items and many more! As of now, it can be used for buying VIP days and soon more services and special items will be activated as well. Players really love this update and because of this vote count increased. Join now and experience these special services!

Upon reaching the vote goal, the server opened special services such as Character Reset Transfer and Reset to Cash. Character Reset Transfer is an old system where resets are being transferred from one character to another. Upon requesting CRT, players should follow these simple rules:

*Receiver of resets should have minimum resets of 10.
*Receiver of resets will be deducted 5 CP x (number of resets of the reset giver) as Service fee.
*We will not transfer other player?s resets

Reset to Cash is a new system where resets can be converted into cash points. Before requesting this, players must follow these rules:

*Maximum of 500 resets per month for each player
*Maximum of 30 requests per month will be accepted.
*Players must leave 260 resets after.
*Players who receive resets from CRT cannot sell resets.
*Shop and cafe players can request provided that they will show proofs that their accounts have different owners.

Join our server and experience these special services.

Game Master Team
Emylie was hired as TGM. GM of the month September is no other than MrBanana. Two FGMs namely Deity and Mycro were promoted to Test Head Game Master position because they have shown good performance and leadership qualities. DaLthony resigned from HGM position because of his unstable connection. Zethos and Emylie were promoted as Full Game Masters because they performed their TGM days impressively. On the other hand, Kangaroo and Eros' fate were different. It was decided that the two will no longer be part of the team because of their inactivity. MrCupid, MrLongs, DreamLine, MaDskiLLz and MrMango were hired as new TGMs. For private reasons, Zethos was removed from the team. After few weeks of service, MrMango became inactive and he was removed from the team. DreamLine on the other hand was removed because his personal work schedule conflicts with his service as GM. The GM team is open for applicants. If you have interest on hosting events and assisting players' concern, apply now!

Moderator Team
Paxer and L/\vi were removed from the team because of inefficiency. The MOD of the month September is TR and MOD of the month October is Okkinsanity. They deserve these recognition because of their good activity. Zhumeng came back to the MOD team as forum responder. Francis., minami and Zhumeng were officially given green tags after serving as good forum responders. TR was promoted as Lead Moderator because of his good performance as moderator. Because of inactivity, Zhumeng was removed from the team. September and October Moderator Albums were already released. Girls!! If you're curious about their looks, feel free to visit the albums located at Latest Staff Updates Section. ???? resigned from the team because of his hectic schedule in real life. The moderator team is open for forum responder applicants. Forum responders are trained to become moderators someday. If you want to help our forum by cleaning threads and giving assistance to new forum users, this position suits you well.

GFX Team
GFX of the month September is no other than NGU and and GFX of the month October is -Xin. Because of good work and activity, NGU was promoted as Senior GFX. .kristian was welcomed back to GFX team with open arms and again he will be helping the team with signature requests and all. GFX team is open for applicants. If you are creative in making designs and have good editing skills, apply now and become one of GMU's finest graphic artists.

Big Brother Team
[St/-\r.Light.(Skunky) made a comeback to Big Brother team. rhodmark003 was hired to be part of the team. Big Brother of the Month September is xF13T2USo and Big Brother of the Month October is markdonald. Big brother team is open for applicants. If you are still curious what big brother job is, it's simply helping and assisting players "in-game", the exact opposite of moderators whose focus is more on forum stuff. What are you waiting for? Come and join BB team.

Quibbler Team
Quibbler team is seeking for another writer with video editing skills. Adding video/s to the newspaper might be good and we would like to try it. If you find reading all the threads boring, our team releases monthly issues that contains summarized updates you might want to know. Last September, we released 4PICTURES1PLAYER and crossword puzzle and the winners were Perilloux and BK_JHEPZ. As a reward, they were given 30 souls each. If you have any suggestions/feedbacks, feel free to post it at our Quibbler Freedom Section. For those who wanted to apply, our team is open for only one member. All applications can only post their application at Want to be a Quibbler thread located at General Discussion Section and will be reviewed. If you have what it takes to be a quibbler, apply now!

The Game Master Team proudly presents the major events done last during the previous months. These include the TOP GM Killer Event, TOP BK Event which is very unique for it was divided into 3 categories (E.Hegaton, E.Vicious, and S4 Socketed Set Users). Those who top this event are =Santino, SONJAPEUK, and EVlLRAGE. The Star Class Tournament is one of the awaited major events hosted once a year. This event is a duel of same classes with elimination rounds. Declared winners were 03bench03(BK), dEnxhiE14(MG), {DL}manoy(DL), |GameOver|(SM), xTr3sx(RF)and xUaNnEx(SN). All of them were given awesome prizes and forum tags. This November, GM team have ongoing and upcoming events. The Buff Me Up Event, Miss GMU World, Trick or Treat Event-Halloween Special, Most Fortunate Voter Event, GMU Good Samaritan Event, GM Invasion-Special event for Castle Siege Winners).
For the last few months, the following big updates have been made for the betterment of our beloved server: Rage fighter damage has been reduced by 12% to maintain PK balance and Sleep duration of the bloody summoners has been reduced during castle siege to avoid abuses.In addition to this, the server has been upgraded last 20th of October 2013 in preparation for our Grand Update Ex700 or Season 7 this November. With this update, we would be expecting to have new items, maps, monsters and automated event to be added to our server. New system would be induced "Pentagram System" where players build up their characters through selecting the type of element they think would better increase his/her defense and attack capabilities. Currently Active GMs Were TGM Padua,TGM Pounds,TGM MadskiLLz, FGM Emylie, FGM Wiffy, FGM MrBanana, THGM Mycro and HGM Sauron,GM team still accepting applicant from different GMT, new players are also welcome to submit there application.

GFX Team had numerous events about halloween approved by our Senior Lead Mod Slay3r. Through that we have been able to host successful events such as halloween banner-making and other related theme events for our forumers to enjoy. The team is also planning to host Christmas related events since December is very near.
Now, the team is focusing on doing designs for Christmas Forum Theme, New Plates, Background, Banners and Tags. Applications are always open for aspiring GFXers who want to help the team. Currently, the GFX Team have 4 active members:
NGU, -XIN-, Arhi, and .kristian.

Moderator Team?s activity is stable for the Lead Mods monitor them. Soon, two forum responders will be promoted and more as well in the future coz the team needs additional manpower to help in event proposals. Mod Team blessed the forum with quite the number of events over the past month and Halloween. Some events are still on-going. Mods are currently working on events for this coming Christmas Season, planning to work on at least 10 events for it (2 of it will be Big Events). As soon as GMU have been upgraded to ex700, Mods will be updating the FAQ and Lead Moderator TR will be requiring the moderators to create guides in-game that will help players about new stuffs in this season. Revising of Forum Rules is also in the to-do-list. Checking of possible Forum Errors is also being done. Starting this month the Moderator Team Album will be coming with themes (Halloween for this month and Christmas next month). Moderator Team current active members are Slay3r, TR, Okkinsanity and minami.

As to the Quibbler Team, the event proposal of having crossword puzzle event was approved by Admin mozzey and the 2 winners were already announced. They were given 30 souls each as promised. The Newspaper Staff Section's privacy request was approved by Lead Moderator Slay3r. Now, other staff won't have access to view and post on our section. The team took the suggestion about doing a video coverage for some special events. The team is now seeking for one good writer with video editing skills to be assigned to this project. Currently, Quibbler Team has three (3) active members:

Zycotec, AfterShock, and SeXyKIKZ

This month, another historical event happened as NEWBORN was able to take over the castle successfully for the first time. It was in the possession of KICK/\SS on the first week then NEWBORN got it the second week. They were so happy because all their hard work paid off. No siege happened on the third week and so it was still in NEWBORN's possession. On the fourth week, only two main guild joined the siege, HiDeOuT and NEWBORN. The fight over the crown was really tough and both have sealed more than once. Dark Lords were all around the castle ready for summoning. Putting one Dark Lord in a party is a very good strategy because they are have horses and they can summon the whole party inside the castle. After the long fight, HiDeOuT was announced as the new winner.

"Success is almost totally dependent upon drive and persistence. The extra energy required to make another effort or try another approach is the secret of winning."
-Denis Waitley

The Quibbler team congratulates all the winners of the siege especially NEWBORN guild who won for the first time. You really guys are amazing. We are very proud of you.

Happy reading!

Guild Name: NEWBORN
GM Name: aLeiHsx
AGM Char Name: LaSsErB0y / BlaDerLorD
BM Name/s: FunnyBuRn - oLATiNOo - Prodigium - HighLife - kiko24
Vision: To be the number 1 guild in CS / PK in everything

SeXyKIKZ: Where did the guild name NEWBORN came from?
aLeiHsx: I think many players here know my 1st guild and that is PASiG*** very obvious because i came from pasig city .. then when the server change its episode .. my MG the GM of PASiG*** is too weak for CS cause of the updates in the characters so i change main char to BK and create NEWB0RN .. this is the name of my guild when i was playing MU PHILIPPINES.

SeXyKIKZ:When was this guild created?
aLeiHsx: I create PASiG*** Guild April 2012 then this NEWB0RN i think 1week after our server become S6EP3.

SeXyKIKZ: How do you maintain your guild active?
aLeiHsx: Recruit players who loves PK and thats how i maintain my guild active ... we always invite other guild for WAR and thats why my guild knowned by other strong guilds.

SeXyKIKZ: It is NEWBORN's 3rd win in CS. As a Guild Master, what do you feel about this victory?
aLeiHsx: ahaha nah .. actually its our 2nd time .. cause 1cs is won by default .. ahm as a GM ofc i am very happy and very proud to my members and my alliance .. this is our dream from the start .. to win this castle and create a history .. a new alliance holding the castle and make war against 2 big guild names in CS.

SeXyKIKZ: What is you dream for your guild?
aLeiHsx: Now we have the castle .. our goal now is to get the siege plate and represent our server in grand castle siege this is what we aim for now.

SeXyKIKZ: What is your message to your members?
aLeiHsx: To my members .. ahm please stay active and loyal .. be humble and always get ready to rumble.

SeXyKIKZ: What is your message to your co-players?
aLeiHsx: My message to my co-players , hmmmm maybe just do what you want .. learn to respect others players .. just be a good player .. cause being a good player you will become invulnerable and no one can ignore you.

SeXyKIKZ: How do you find your enemies in CS?
aLeiHsx: ahahaha I found them in red names .. joke .. ahm we all know that our "enemies" here in CS are VETERAN PLAYERS if CS is the topic .. they all know what to do in CS , they have good skills to do and they prepare many strategy to win the castle so all i can say is they are GOOD ahahahah actually i really dont know what to answer to this questions .. all i can say is they are a veterans players in terms of CS.

SeXyKIKZ: Thank you Sir aLeiHsx for accepting this interview. It was a pleasure talking to you.
aLeiHsx: Thank you very much too Miss SeXyKIKZ. Thanks for the interview even though i hate interviews LOL .. Thanks for picking my guild for guild corner .. More power to Quibbler team and more power to our server!

Character Name/s: XiNistah
Favorite Quotation: Time is gold when watching bol.. *gets slapped* XD

SeXyKIKZ: Give an example of a problem you faced on a job and describe how you solved it.
XiNistah: Uhm, problem? when there's so much stuff to do, but too little time (due to personal stuff).
How did I manage it? time management :D

SeXyKIKZ: What experience have you had with graphic design? Please provide samples.
XiNistah: None :D
I started here in the forums, watched and studies some tutorials then applied them. I also asked ex-GFX staffs about tips and I'm really thankful to them for teaching me. Samples? my store is wide open XD

SeXyKIKZ: How do you typically handle yourself under pressure or stress?
XiNistah: Music.
It calms me down and helps me focus on the tasks that I need to do :D

SeXyKIKZ: Would you rather work on a team or on your own?
XiNistah: Working alone for me is more efficient but there are tasks that will require you to work with others.
Also, we need the opinion of others for our growth. If there's noone to correct our mistakes, where will we improve? So, it really depends on the situation.

SeXyKIKZ: How would you describe your own performance standards?
XiNistah: My performance? its substandard hahaha XD
Seriously though, its not that good and not that bad. Its somewhere between maybe? :D

SeXyKIKZ: What is your goal for your team?
XiNistah: My goal for the team is to provide and finish all the requests that not only forumers, but also the server requests that our co-staffs ask from us.

SeXyKIKZ: What is your message to your teammates and co-players?
XiNistah: Teammates: Go GFX team! XD
Co-players: Join GFX events and also the team :)

SeXyKIKZ: Thank you for your time Timmy :)
XiNistah: You're welcome.

Around 20 people attended KICK/\SS EB at Villa Alfredo's Resort, San Fernando Pampanga. Although Sir Nocturnal was not able to come, they still prepared good events such as Pinoy Henyo, Raffle, and Letter Search hosted by x4KINGDOMx (EB Organizer). Pinoy Henyo winners was Tonette's team. Raffle Grand Prize winner was Tonette and five players won consolation prizes. Some players brought some friends with them. PAMPANGA's former guild master -JhOk- arrived with his lovely bike bigger than him <3 and joined the fun! It was a successful EB after all. If you usually attend eyeballs, you will realize that real life meeting is so much different from in-game meeting. See for yourself :)

"The Life of a Criminal"

Hi GrudgeMU world! I'm Jiggy Alfaro 15 years old and I live in Hidden Leaf Village Konoha XD
So here is my very very very funny story lmao. I started playing GMU since 2010. And stopped on 2011 because of personal reasons. I started playing again on 2012. My first character was SMo1, a wizard.
Then when I'm back i made a BK named Jhiiggz. Hehehe I joined a lot of guild. My first GUILD was PAMPANGA. Then switched to PAMPBOYS. Then GENERALS. Then KICKASS XD hahahaha. Well.. My BK is still under construction because im still waiting for ex700 XD Im currently using my Summoner named Criminal who kills in her every surroundings. Currently I'm in DestinyX guild . If I will have to describe myself.. Well, I'm fat and I'm fat and I'm fat and I'm fat XD Hobbies ? Hmmmmm.. Fingerboarding, Skateboarding, Singing and many more ! So that's it my story here in Grudgemu World. Thanks for reading guys.
PS : Hello HATERS ^_^