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Classic Season 6 | Med-Rate x5000 | Open Money Trade System

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Grudge MU Online

We are the GrudgeMU Community that exist way back 2005. GMU is a None Profit MU Online Community. Aim to revitalized all the MU Fans worldwide.

We provide you with best files with balance PVP and 100% bugless. With unique gaming features that only at GMU exist.

With the management of Veterans Admins, Friendly Staffs and Bully Community! Play to Earn Money! Join us today!


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Balanced PVP

We guarantee a fair gaming community with the best PVP formula implemented.


Stable and Bugless

Our high end dedicated servers with the Premium Files Of MUEngine make us an epic Community.


Hack Protection

We're using MU Guard ANTI Cheat/Hacking System to keep the game play at its finest.


24/7 Players Care

Our support staff team is online 24/7, feel free to ask us anything that on your mind.


100% DDOS Protected

We have the best Admin ZodiacDDOS, taking care of it. With the Management and experienced he have. We can't be down!


Play to Earn Money

You don't need to be misplaced. Here in GMU you are farming to ear real $$$ with our OPEN Money Trade System.

Our Featured Players

Here are our Epic Players in our Realm, kill them now!

  • 1st GoldGreen Fenrir Owner FB Name: Jonald Gerald Charname: EvolutionX 2nd GoldGreen Fenrir Owner FB Name: Emmanuel Lejoh Charname: Ubiquitous 3rd GoldGreen Fenrir Owner FB Name: Benjamin Gonzales Charname: PMWw 4th GoldGreen Fenrir Owner FB Name: Elvin Dela Cruz Charname: Hestia Want to Own our Green Fenrirs? Donate Now Donate
  • TOP Reset 1. LevelUp 2. PrinceHEX 3. GodKnows 4. CanThough 5. EvilSpirit 6. BlackBird 7. Kidapawan 8. Mist MORE
  • TOP PVP Last Man Standing 1. BMRhon13 2. xAVATARx 3. GodKnows 4. Blazo 5. EvilSign 6. DFLY 7. steiN 8. Mushi MORE
  • TOP Guilds 1. ARROW 2. xXxXxXx 3. ADMIRALs 4. NoRulez 5. 7Deadly 6. POLICE 7. MAFIA 8. OBLIVION MORE
5980 Total Accounts
10323 Total Characters
184 Total Guilds
581 Most Online Players Per day.

Our Services

This is how we Crush the Competition.

Premium Files

We have the BEST Emulators used in the world.

Dedicated Host

Canada Gaming Server. Xeon Series/32GB DDR5/NveM Storage/10GBPs Network Speed

Experienced Management

We are the best team of experienced MU Online Admins and Staffs.