Recent Update 1.04.40 - 1.04.41
September 7, 2018 - 10:28:00

Supp Grudgers!!!


Topic: Recent Update 1.04.40 - 1.04.41


Its been days since the recent update with issues.

But now were glad to say that files will be stable.


Notice: If you have Game Client Version 3 installer, kindly reinstall it and then after reinstalling simply "RUN THE GREEN UPDATER."




Here is the inside patch of 1.04.40 from 1.04.30


Game Client: 1.04.40

* Inclusions Added Season 6 Ancients(Picts Posted @ Website)

* Change Skin of Dark Horse

* Added Effects Themed "Green" based from our website.

* AEO of Wiz Kill Re-modified

* Kill/Die explosion

* Skin Gold Pet (Rinosaur) Owned by: BigMoM


Game Client: 1.04.41

* Fix Auto Dc Problems

* Re Syncing Auto Updater

* Adding Tier 3 Sets

* Adding Succubus Set

* Refresh & Optimize Server


PVP Balancing:

* Added Fixed Pots Rate 0.3/s (Just Now) from 0.5/s

* RF Fixed



* Optimized Databased Defragmentation

* Security Updates

* Added Dataserver Fail Safe System

* Added Stun Control for PVP


Slicing one at a time. Feedbacks and concerns also complaints dont hesitate to PM FB page.