Dota2 Items Market into GMU Items Exchange! Limited Event.
August 25, 2018 - 18:24:39

Supp Grudgers

Topic: Dota2 Items Market into GMU Items Exchange

Conditions before approved on posting:

(Participating Parties Admins and Players)

Before posting Dota2 Items = GMU Gears, 
-10% Server ECash Payment Tax from Orig Price of Dota2 Item worth converted from PHP to EC visor = 1USD:6ec
-No GMU FB Post on Official Group exchange to Dota2 (Only Dota2 into GMU exchange) 
-Recruit Dota2 Playmate (Min of 3, will be Tax Exempted)

*We will add Forum Thread on this Matter.
(Any Games and Ideas? PM Lead Adm for Apr oval)

Recruit your Friends and lets expand our Circle of Game play in our Community.

If violation on the 1st nominated rules will be subjected to suspension of accounts.

Thread is subjected to Revision: