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Game Updates 24/09/18
September 24, 2018 - 22:13:21

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Topic: Game Updates

As we take improvements time to time, we hear those concerns and ideas which push GMU to the best game play, and now here are some of the game updates we would like to share so that everyone will be updated to the changes. We will also updating game news announcements as well so new comers can cope up with the community game play.

1.0 Revamped PVM System 
*Server 4 PVP or the 4th Channel "Elite Server" will be the center of the communities rampant competition in game. It will be the apply of the eye and the Server of the said Elite Players to have a killing sensation channel since it contains most of the previous Battle Gear Source of the Community.
 1st and 2nd Tickets are in higher rate (same setting from the old PVM) (Blood Castle & Devil Square)
 Tier 1 Medium Rate Drops 
 Deep Loren Event Enabled
1.1 VIP Subscriptions
*VIP is now Open, to avail you need to visit forum and read the instructions on how to avail to our VIP system in channel 5. eCash/PHP/$ serves as ticket to access which is activated "manually" by admins.
See forum link:
(Link on progress...)
 x2 Drop Rate % for Lucky Tickets
 x2 Drop Rate for Tier 1 Ancients
 All server in game events unlocked (Details @ forum)
 Early Access to new features
 can earn eCash/PcPoints via PVM
 More details to be released at forum
1.2 Hunt System / PVP / Events 
* GMU community applied changes in PVM system since many already had the chance to gear up their selves easily. Now, were taking a new step of challenge to everyone to keeping an eye to their Characters Vs PKiers who no gives no mercy in competition in hunting gears.
 All Lucky Item Drops from Channels 1/2/3 is now move in Channel 4 PVP enabled.
 Channel 1/2 NON-PVP serves as level up channels and source of good jewel drops
 Channel 3 PVP Main Market Channel and PVP good drop for 380 items. 
 Channel 4 PVP Mostly Event Server from Admin(s) / Staff(s) moderate drop from previous rate for Lucky Tickets/380/Ancients
 LMS is now set only to Channel 3 and Channel 5 (VIP Server).

Effective 0000H 25th of September 2018

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