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Server Updates July 15-17, 2018 No Changelogs
July 17, 2018 - 16:43:00

Sup Grudgers!

Topic: Server Update;s July 15-17, 2018

We keep improving day by day as take a peak online of hundreds and all this thing was possible because of your support in the community. Below info's are the list of our progress from July 15-17,2018.

 Dark Lord Class Fixed PVP 
-CalcAttackSkillDmg Increased 15%
-Increase FireBurst Based DMG by 30%
-Added Defense 10%
-Fixed Lock 32767 Stats

Blade Master Class Fixed PVP 
-Increased Based DMG by 15%

Wizard Class Fixed PVP 
-CalcAttackSkillDmg Lowered by 70%
-MSEne Based Added Increase Mana Shield x60%
-MSAgi Based Reduced 85%
-Ice Storm Default Dmg Improve

Elf Class Fixed PVP (Can Now Compete in Other Class)
-CalcAttackSkillDmg Increased by 3
-CalcAttackDmg Increased by 80%
-Improve Multi Shot Dmg by 300%
-Elf Defense Increase by 45%

Top Weekly change the frame event to Top Monthly
-Prizes will be better (To Announce)

Website Protection Set to Highest

Next Update:
-Drop of Land Of Trials 
-5 Star Review Event Winner(Pending)
-Drop of Jewel of Elevation to fix Lucky Sets
-Magic Gladiator // Summoner Balancing
-Second Firewall Game Protection from All kind of Cheat/Hacks
-Forum and Game Events
-PK Drop Channel All Out War
- many more...

Were slicing the server fixes one at a time so we can reach and provide the most stable community like our legacy since 2005.

As we take our improvement one at a time, HELP us grow our community by spreading the news of our epic come back.

We are Grudge MU Community Bringing the Name of MU World to be great again!!!

Best Regards,
GrudgeMU Team Leader Lemurios