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Server Updates July 18-20, 2018 Changelog: 1.04.31
July 20, 2018 - 14:43:00

Sup Grudgers!

Topic: Server Updates July 18-20, 2018

Im here to announce the complete details of the server happening from the recent days. And we the GMU Staff Team would like to Thank the Players who help me to improve specially to our PVP balancing system.

List updates are attached below:

 Weekly Top Event Close
-The event will have a relaunching and it will be a monthly based Top Rankings.
However the late 2nd Week Result TOP 50 will still be the based for ranking counting afterwards
the event is scheduled to relaunch this August 1, 2018

 Automated eCah Donation on website Enabled.
-You can now enjoy and take automated eCash donation via paypal
-It has a system logs so we can trace everything
-After successful process donation it will add eCash automatically to you account
***Hot Price 1$=6eCash

 Anti Cheat System Update
-Anti Speed Hack Detection Sensitivity Set to Highest
-Auto DC when exceeding the Speed in the Limiter
-MUGuard Hearbeat Check every 15 Seconds
-Teleportation Hack Distance Set to 60/100
-*DC Hack Exploit Fixed
//Disabled Special Character in game chat.
* CRC Checks Added

 Summy Class Fixed PVP 
-CalcAttackSkillDmg Increased 15%
-Decreased DMG Reflect buff by 5000%
-Added Defense 10%

 Magic Gladiator Class Fixed PVP 
-Decreased Based DMG by 35%
-Added Defense 5%

 Account Lock enable
-command: /autolock ON

 Drop of Land Of Trials 
.-Random Excellent Items
-Jewel of Elevation to fix Lucky Sets

 Next Update:
-5 Star Review Event Winner(Pending)
-Second Firewall Game Protection from All kind of Cheat/Hacks
-Forum and Game Events
-PK Drop Channel All Out War
- many more...

Were slicing the server fixes one at a time so we can reach and provide the most stable community like our legacy since 2005.

As we take our improvement one at a time, HELP us grow our community by spreading the news of our epic come back.

We are Grudge MU Community Bringing the Name of MU World to be great again!!!

Click Me to Download Manual Patch!

Best Regards,
GrudgeMU Team Leader Lemurios