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Server Updates 08/07/18 Change log : 1.04.31
July 9, 2018 - 02:15:00


Greetings Grudgers!

Topic: Todays Updates.

Its been a busy day for our server events as we did brought another step for a better gaming experience in Grudge MU. This was all became possible from the support and understanding with patience to all our players, specially to our donators.

Our Gaming Latency is Centered for USA Regions, Europe and Asia as well which will give a good competitive connection.

Changelogs 1.04.31:

 Migration to Dedicated OVH Server Machine Completed.

  •  Connected to 10 GB Port Speed Network.
  •  Anti DDOS Mitigation Improved.

Added Email Support System in Game

  • It will directly appear to your inbox email like "Gmail/YahooMail/Etc" which you have registered upon creating your accounts.

Added New Interface for MU Launcher

  •  Increased performance for Error Issues.

Game Fixes:

  • HP Party from BK to all class which was too high.
  • BK's Life adjusted.
  •  DL Damage Multiplier was adjusted.
  •  MG & Elf to added adjusment damage.
  •  Adjusted Jewel drops bless/soul
  •  Added drop LOT JOG

Event News:
 5 Star Review Comment Ended.

  • Event winner can be seen on this link titled below just click it.


Top Weekly Rank 5 Event (Revised)



Best Regards,
GrudgeMU Team Leader Lemurios