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HOT NEWS! 15% Off on Donations! Read the Details!
August 16, 2018 - 14:44:54

Supp Grudgers!!!

Topic: 15% Off to All Recent Donators and Bulk Donation Promotion!

As weve been aiming to play the Famous Castle Siege Warfare with the new MUE Feature Warpoints system with no more boring last sealing gameplay were here to announce the Fund Raising Promotions Since it Cost around $250.

Were doing our best despite of the inactivity from the recent days. Well improve to its finest to maintain the legacy we have.

Since most of the recent donators were requesting for discount, were doing it fairly without favoritism.

If your budget is out, please contact Admin Lemurios :

Lemurios FB link!

for appointment and negotiations. As we will declare your ideas of donations for we know it is for the best of our community!
Strictly No 5/6 System or Downpayment on Donation!


15% discount is exclusive from our known recent donators who help a lot in improving our game. You can now purchase 15% Off from any donation packages from:

Forum Donation List!

and also read the additional promotion given from the discount accumulation visor per donate. Visit link for more info!


Bulk Donation Request.
For a Minimum of 10 Person we will allow 15% Off for new donators each and can choose any of our donation list packages on the posted forum donation:

Forum Donation List!

Donation Promotion is Valid Only Up to August 31, 2018!!!

Lemurios and GMU Team





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