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Week Summary Update 12.Jan.2019
January 12, 2019 - 14:44:00



We are happy to inform you the following summary updates this week.

Client Version 6.0 is now available for downloads:

Full Client:

Google Drive





-Immediate Website Fixes:

• Fix Stats 100% Working

• Clear Skill Tree/ Master Level Reset 100% Working

• Voting System for PCPoints is now back (Adding More Voting Sites is On Going)

• Stats View is now Active

• CS Status owner on website is now on display


- In Game Fixes:

• Offleveling activated



- Game Client Fixes:

• Classic Interface is now release on Version 6.0 client

• Virus Free executables. (Mu.exe 100% via Virustotal - GrudgeMU.exe 100% via Virustotal

• Main.exe 99% via Virustotal - Updater.exe 98% via Virustotal)

• Added Premium Updater with Heavy downloads capabilities and has no limits.


- Server Host Fixes:

• Maintain Guarantee Performance on our Dedicated host with 99.9% Upstream Internet


• Latest Windows Updates has been implemented.

• Virus Monitoring on our Server end.

• Latest Emulator and Logs reorganized.


- Plan Improvment this coming week:

• All in game events prizes will renew

• Cash Shop/ X-shop new display(On Going)

• Drops on jewels will be adjusted

• Durability on Tier 2 Items will be reduced

• LMS eCash prize will improve



Scamming issues is now a rampant in all money trading community. The GMU Administrators

has now involvement in such a case. It is your player to players responsibility if you

got scammed. The Administration will just BAN the Accounts involve if PROVEN the case

exist. I repeat WE WILL JUST BAN the accounts involved in the event and will issue NO

REFUND OR RECOVERY of any items. If you want to be safe from trading ask the Game

Masters. Administrators from now on will not support such happenings but the GM's will.

for Guarantee 100% safe in having the desired items? Donate to the our Server this would

help us in our game improvements and future projects.


Thank you for being here in our community!



Lemurios and GMU Staff Team


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