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Emergency Update 16/08/18
August 17, 2018 - 00:31:37

Sup Grudgers!!!


Topic: Server is Up! / Global Rewards = Rescheduled 8:00PM Today August 17, 2018 / Server PVP Updates


We would like to say sorry for the accidental shutdown of our game servers however we took the opportunity to update our machine and about our gameplay as well.


1. PVP Update

- Darklord Damage reduced 3/10 or 4/10 (Chaotic or FireScream from being OP

-Soul Master adjusted the Defense 4/10 and Damage reduced 2/10 or 3/10

- Elf Multi Shots reduced from 1350 - 1300

- MG Dmg Increased

- RF Dmg Increased (Skill Tree is Important Build)

- Summy Weakness Debuff adjusted


2. Server Updates

-Security Essentials Updated

-Game Server Anti Inject and Platform Security Improved

-Windows Update Applied


3. Re-scheduled Global Rewards

- 8:00PM +8 GMT August 17, 2018


Were doing our best to fixed and deliver you best gameplay.

Thank you for supporting our community!!!



Lemurios and GMU Team