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Ranking Winners for Resets and Last Man Standing! Congratulations!!!
February 3, 2019 - 22:23:00

Monthly Ranking Event Winners

From: January 10, 2019

To: February 1, 2019


Top Resets Event 

 1st -  LevelUp with 2088 RR

 2nd - GodKnows with 1971 RR

 3rd - EvilSpirit with 47 RR

 4th - CanThough with 44 RR

 5th - tuazon21 with 11 RR


Top Resets LMS 

 1st - GodKnows with 11 Wins

 2nd - LevelUp with 6 Wins

 2nd - JunstyL??? with 6 Wins

 3rd - ElfBhessy with 3 Wins

 4th - N/A

 5th - N/A


Take Note:

You can only participate in the Ranking Event if your IGN is counted on the 1st ???Top 25 on the Rankings on our website pages.


Congratulations Winners!


Next LMS will start on 10th Feb, wait for further instructions and mechanics for new good prizes!