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Server Update 14/07/18 No Changelog
July 15, 2018 - 03:46:00

Sup Grudgers!

Topic: Server Updates 14/07/18

Were sorry for the sudden server reboot for today as we need to install new updates on our machine for the improvement of its performance and as well us to our host securities. Also we would like to announce some of our improvement to this whole day of work.

a?????Server Windows Machine Update Successfully Completed
a?????Server Host Security Feature Set to High Settings
a?????DDOS Mitigation Performance is Set to Best Protection
a?????Added ePoints to Weekly Winners
a?????Adding Gift Sets to Donators (On Going)

a?????RF Class Fixed:
-RF Life Multiplier Set added 4 Upgrade Points
-RF Defense Multiplier Set added 4 Upgrade Points
-RF Damage Reduce by -0.300
-IgnoreDefenceEneDiv Set to Default

a?????Next Update:
-Magic Gladiator and Elf Class
-Second Firewall Game Protection from All kind of Cheat/Hacks
-Forum and Game Events
-PK Drop Channel All Out War
- many more.

Were slicing the server fixes one at a time so we can reach and provide the most stable community like our legacy since 2005.

As we take our improvement one at a time, HELP us grow our community by spreading the news of our epic come back.

We are Grudge MU Community Bringing the Name of MU World to be great again!!!

Best Regards,
GrudgeMU Team Leader Lemurios