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Server Updates July 25, 2018 Changelog: 1.04.33
July 25, 2018 - 01:34:00

Sup Grudgers,

Topic: Full Client Download Version 3 / New Launcher Interface / New Screen Loading / New Serverlist Released.

Its been a while since I implement updates in game, as the PVP is in good balance I did find time to change modification in Our Game Client as Legacy.

Thank you all for your support and now we will be raging back as to be the Top 1 in Season 6 Version Mid Rate Gameplay.

This Patch Release is implemented on the new Full Client V3. and as well as an automated patch will be placed on your auto updaters. We might also be releasing manual Patch as well.

 Inclusion of Latest Installer:
- Complete Note Pad Guide of Instructions to Fixed Problems on running Client.
-A .bat file to click and will redirect you to youtube to view a video guide on how to fix the game clients problem.
-A "FixGameIssues" folder containing various necessary programs to fixed your missing directories in your machine to be able to run the game completely.

It only Required one thing,

- A brain.

GMU V3 Full Client Installer Mega - Click Here!

GMU V3 Full Client Installer Mediafire - Click Here!

Manual Patch - Click Here for Changelog 1.04.33!

### All GFX editing is made by me ###

!!! I'm also looking for talented GFXer with experienced in editing in all aspects!!!

 Game Updates:

- Updated LOT Drops with Excellent Items and Lucky Tickets in good Drop Rate.
(A Poll will be online today here on FB Group with regards to the LOT suitable drops)

-Adjusted Speed Hack Detection's causing random DC issues on characters.

 Next Update:
- 12 Hours Voting System for eCash/PcPoints
-5 Star Review Event Winner(Pending)
-Second Firewall Game Protection from All kind of Cheat/Hacks
-Forum and Game Events
-PK Drop Channel All Out War
- many more...

Were slicing the server fixes one at a time so we can reach and provide the most stable community like our legacy since 2005.

As we take our improvement one at a time, HELP us grow our community by spreading the news of our epic come back.

We are Grudge MU Community Bringing the Name of MU World to be great again!!!


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Best Regards,
GrudgeMU Head Admin Lemurios